Le bon Dieu est dans le detail
Sunday, September 8, 2013 at 2:00AM
The Vestiges

The 1908 Gamble House, the Arts & Crafts masterpiece by architects Greene & Greene in Pasadena, California, is presently undergoing some restoration. I suspect this is the motivation for offering special tours in the private areas of the house normally off-limits to the public. In August, I took advantage of this a rare opportunity to see the way the Gamble family and staff lived and worked. Unfortunately, on this tour I was unable to see the magnificent interior woodwork for which the house is famed.

Photography is only allowed of the exterior and grounds, but beauty abounds there. This flame red dragonfly patiently obliged photography in the small koi pond on the terrace at the rear of the house. The terrace and water garden are surrounded with a Green and Green trademark: a klinker brick retaining wall. The slender bricks used as pavers are intricately cut to fit to fan slightly. Even in the bright sunlight, the windows seem to glow. The Greens' master work demonstrates the principle expressed by Gustave Flaubert, "God is in the details."


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